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The Federal Ministry of Economics and the Federal Ministry of Education and Research have presented funding guidelines for the financial support of international H2 energy projects, which were officially released on October 4, 2021. This is an important part of the promotion of the rapid development of H2 energy in Germany. The guidelines specifically support projects for green H2 production and processing as well as H2 storage, transport and use in countries outside the EU through investment funding for plants and companies. Companies and research institutes can also submit self-help applications for research projects as well as training courses.

Promoting the development of green H2 in international markets and the use of German technology abroad is an important part of the national H2 energy strategy. H2 is considered to be a central element in the energy transition in a number of industrial and transport sectors where CO2 emissions are difficult to reduce. The aim of the funding guidelines presented now is to promote the use of German technology abroad, to contribute to the rapid and targeted development of the global green H2 market and to prepare for the import of H2.

The total funding for the project is 350 million euros until the end of 2024. For commercial companies, funding in the form of non-repayable grants can be up to €15 million per project applicant. Each project from research and scientific institutions can receive up to 5 million euros. Joint projects between commercial companies and research institutions are also eligible to apply for this funding.

Funding Guide Core Content
Summary of the core content of the guide:

The purpose of this funding is to promote the application of German technology abroad, to contribute to the rapid and targeted development of the global green H2 market, and to prepare for H2 imports.
The funding includes the following two main modular components:


Module 1 (BMVI Federal Ministry of Economics): includes international projects for the production of green H2 and its derivatives as well as storage, transport and integrated applications in the field of industrial applications and experimental development. The funding also includes integrated projects covering several of these value creation steps. (Applicants in Module 1 must be based in the EU and have a permanent presence or branch in Germany at the time of grant award.)
Module 2 (BMBF Federal Department of Education and Research): includes international packages for basic and industrial research, scientific research and training measures.

The funding guidelines for international H2 projects complement the H2Global Foundation model launched in the summer of 2021, but set a different funding focus.


In the new funding guidelines, the use of German technology is promoted in a targeted manner, with the location of H2 use being of secondary importance. H2Global, on the other hand, focuses on the import of green H2. Thus, the two models complement each other. The funding guidelines can be used to finance projects in Energy Partnership countries.


Germany currently has energy (and especially H2) partnerships with more than 22 countries. At the same time we see the possibility to go beyond existing energy partnerships and to finance projects in other countries. Depending on the general block exemption regulations and the size of the company, funding can cover 25-45% of the compliance costs.


The maximum amount of funding per project and applicant is €15 million. The total amount of the funding guidelines is limited to €150 million per year. Currently, the Directive plans to provide €350 million in funding. The funded projects must be implemented within the framework of the Directive by the end of 2024.


The funding guidelines were published in the Federal Gazette on October 4, 2021 and will enter into force on that date. It is planned to entrust the management of the funding guidelines to the project sponsors.

Application Method

1. There are three deadlines for funding applications: October 31, 2021, December 31, 2021 and February 28, 2022.
2. Module 1 can be submitted by email or through the "Easy-Online" system.
3. Module 2 can only be submitted via the Easy-Online portal in the following link:
4. For more information about Module 2, as well as templates and supporting documents, please visit:
5. The application form, guidelines, flyers, instructions and ancillary terms of the grant can be found at: closet_foerderportal& form closet = bmbf

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