Call for Papers|White Paper on Carbon Neutrality and Energy Transition

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In December 2019, the European Commission formally issued the "European Green Agreement", clarifying Europe’s course of action towards a climate-neutral circular economy, and proposing to raise the EU’s climate targets for 2030 and 2050, which means that greenhouse gas emissions in 2030 will be based on 1990. A reduction of 50% to 55%, and a carbon neutral goal of net zero emissions will be achieved by 2050. In September 2020, China announced to the world the goal of achieving a carbon peak by 2030 and achieving carbon neutrality by 2060. At present, China and Europe are cooperating closely in the field of carbon neutrality and energy transition.

In order to promote exchanges and cooperation in the field of carbon neutrality and energy transition between China and Europe, and promote the sharing of experience between institutions, the China (Germany) R&D Innovation Alliance (hereinafter referred to as the "Alliance") formally established the "Carbon Neutrality and Energy" on June 11, 2021. “Transformation Professional Committee” (hereinafter referred to as the “Special Committee”). The work of the special committee mainly includes carrying out various professional committee exclusive and public activities on a regular basis, and efficiently integrating industry resources; combining the relevant technology research and development capabilities of China and Europe, roadmaps, policies and regulations, etc., The Chinese and European governments put forward policy proposals to achieve the goal of carbon neutrality; use their own strong technological resource advantages to provide technical support and consulting services for Chinese and European companies in carbon neutrality and energy transformation, and establish industrial think tanks, which finally form a white paper.

This white paper is planned to be distributed to government agencies, research institutions, cooperative units, experts and scholars, etc.

The special committee now collects articles on the topic of European carbon neutrality and energy transition for all companies, research institutions, etc. The specific matters are as follows.

Essay theme


-Energy transition path of power, coal, oil and gas industries

-Digital Energy

-New industry of carbon neutral and circular economy

-Carbon emissions throughout the entire vehicle life cycle

- new energy vehicles

-Carbon capture and storage technology

- Distributed Energy

-Green energy-saving buildings

-Hydrogen energy

-Photovoltaic industry

- Biomass energy



Article format and requirements

1. The length of the article should generally not exceed 5000 words. Please submit the electronic version of the article that can be edited and typeset.

2. The article should contain the following content: title; author's name; author unit (including address); main text (in Chinese) and references. The first author should attach a personal profile of about 200 words, including name, work unit, title or position, subject area, contact information, etc.

Solicitation method

The author of the article can directly email the manuscript to the alliance mailbox.

Contact: Liu Yi

Email address: [email protected]

Contributions are welcome!

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